Lyrique Vibes Out In Trippy “Smoke Break” Visuals

Lyrique Vibes Out In Trippy “Smoke Break” Visuals

LYRIQUE – Smoke Break (Music Video)

Artist: Lyrique

Producer: AE

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Amaurhi

Video Director/ Editor: Oliver Banyard

Record Label: The HonorRoll Music Collective

Release Date: July 24, 2020

YYC MC Lyrique is a vet on the Calgary Hip-hop scene! His new release “Smoke Break” is an ode to Mary Jane and is definitely a vibe to kickback and smoke to. In the first verse Lyrique raps “Lemme lick it for you, lemme pack it up tight”, referencing marijuana like a female is a theme he continues throughout the song cleverly. The instrumental is downtempo and jazzy with hard kicks driving it! We have it listed as #5 on our “20 Best YYC Hip-Hop Songs Of 2020 So Far”!

The music video was directed by Oliver Banyard. It features scenes of Lyrique smoking a j and performing with very trippy visual effects throughout. There are also cameo dance scenes performed by Kirstin Wilson. The video does a great job of making you feel as if you’re on a trip with Lyrique. Very professionally done! Shout out to Lyrique on a dope record! Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics:

Let me lick it for you,

Let me pack it up tight

Let me grind for you, 

Let me pound for the night

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