What Calgary’s Hip-hop Scene Needs To Do To Take It To The Next Level

What Calgary’s Hip-hop Scene Needs To Do To Take It To The Next Level

Time for a reality check. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re a fan of Hip-hop music and want to see it have more exposure in your city, Calgary Alberta. Or maybe you’re a Hip-hop artist in the city just looking for your big break. Either way it’s clear that more needs to be done to take Hip-hop to the next level in the city and here are some suggestions how that can be done.

First things first. We need to normalize being fans of “Calgary artists”. Not Canadian artists, “Calgary artists”. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Support your friends’ businesses and progressions like you support the celebrities that you don’t actually know”. Well that’s exactly what I’m saying here. If a more known international rapper, for example, dropped a single tonight it’s going to be up on people’s stories and captions tomorrow. Whereas if a local rapper dropped a “better” song the same night, Hip-hop fans in the city would be reluctant to share it, to that same capacity, even if they follow the rapper. 

It’s to the point where lots of rappers in the city truly believe the only way to blow up out of Calgary is to go blow up in another city then come back. But the fact that Cordae, Roy Woods, JID, Tory Lanez, etc. can come to our city and sell out venues tells me that the fans are here. It’s not a case of, “Calgary only has country music fans”, no. The Hip-hop fans are here, they’re just not supporting locals.

This message goes for the artists as well. How often does 10at10Calgary repost a local rapper’s new release and you just like it or scroll by? How about (if you like it) you share it to your story, tell friends about it, leave a compliment in the artists DMs or at least leave an engaging comment on the post. Things you would want reciprocated.

In conclusion, I guess I don’t have any new suggestions. Everything I’m saying has probably been said before in some shape or form. The takeaway is this; if we want Hip-hop to have a bigger presence in our city the community has to play a bigger role by getting more involved and supporting the cause wholeheartedly.

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