4 Calgary Hip-hop Songs Addressing Black Lives Matter

4 Calgary Hip-hop Songs Addressing Black Lives Matter

As the word continues to shed light on systematic racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death, I felt it only right to make a list of the Hip-Hop artists in our city who have chosen to use their platform to address these social issues. Here are my picks:

1. Go – Sinzere

“Go” by YYC Rapper Sinzere is a record that has been heavy in my rotation since I first heard it! The song is a revolutionary message urging her people to unite and move into action! Sinzere not only speaks to black people but to all people to help educate non-blacks on the significance of BLM. Quotables from the song; “What happens to a system when the police are the tyrants and the people turn to violence? Uprising, Revolution on the horizon”. On the record Sinzere spits lyrical conscious bars for 5 minutes straight over a hard ass beat! Very dope record! We have it listed as #4 on our “20 Best YYC Hip-Hop Songs Of 2020 So Far”! Check It Out Now!

2. My People – RTC Profit

RTC Profit is another YYC MC that never disappoints! Released July 10, 2020. This record is track number 5 of his “Never Forget Loyalty, Vol. 1” EP. With this song Profit addresses the current Black Lives Matter Movement, drops some jewels and leaves a positive message! He ends the hook by rapping, “Martin Luther had a dream, Malcolm X by any means, now my people see the vision, now they know they kings and queens”. The beat is bassline heavy with a smooth sample and Profit flows flawlessly over the canvas! Very dope record! We have it listed as #3 on our “20 Best YYC Hip-Hop Songs Of 2020 So Far”! Check It Out Now!

3. Billy Bi$Hop – 99 Problems

YYC Rapper Billy Bi$Hop felt so passionate about the matter he dropped 2 joints! “99 Problems” is the second song of a 2 track EP Billy dropped on September 4th titled “Born Black”. On the song chorus Billy speaks directly to the oppressors when he raps, “I got 99 Problems and you claimed one, you told me boy go back to where you came from”. He also pays his respects to the fallen in the bars, “Got BLM written all over our banners, our fallen brethren we can never forget”. On the song Billy raps one lengthy lyrical verse supported by his powerful chorus. The instrumental is synth based and backed by a trap influenced beat! Very dope record! Check It Out Now!

4. Polo Sho – Changes

And my last pick is a song by myself titled “Changes”. Released July 3, 2020. This record is track number 7 off my fifth official mixtape “Return of The Fresh Prince, Vol. 1”. I believe this to be one of my most powerful records to date. It speaks directly to the BLM movement going on right now. In all verses I give examples of systemic racism going on in the world today but in the second verse particularly I speak on my personal experience with racism while I was in boarding school in South Africa. Overall the underlying message of the song is a positive one as it is a call for change! In the chorus I sing “It don’t matter cause one day, hopefully that’s soon babe, we gon see some changes”. Produced and engineered by myself the instrumental utilizes a chopped soul sample and hard hitting drums to create a vibe reminiscent of 90’s era Hip-hop! Very dope record! Check It Out Now!

So there you have it! 4 of the best YYC Hip-hop Songs Out right now! Shout out to all the artists! If you feel like supporting locals, show them some love! Give them a follow and add the songs to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

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