“OooLala” – Edge (Song Review)

“OooLala” – Edge (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Kelowna’s very own, 23 year old Nigerian artist, Edge, has been consistently dropping new hip hop singles and doing exceptionally well with his latest ones. Last week, on September 25, Edge released the new bop, ‘OooLala’,  that already has more than 9,000 streams on Spotify. This track is incredibly sexy with trappy beats and a sensation of seductive hypnosis. It has hiphop trap sounds, with a combination of alternative R&B and afrofusion accents. In this song, Edge brought together Nigerian artists to release this assonant track. He featured AYLØ and his brother Tega. AYLØ is purely based out of Nigeria and took the opportunity to collaborate with Edge when he received an instagram DM asking to hop on a track with him. On the other hand, Tega is Edge’s brother and also lives in Kelowna. When Tega first heard a draft of the song, he loved it and could not help but jump on it and add his harmonized vocals near the end of the song, making it more mesmerizing than before. Since the brothers started making music, Tega and Edge have taken very different pathways in sound. Tega is the lead singer of Post-Modern Connection and has taken an indie-alternative-rock route, while Edge has guided us through a series of trappy hip hop songs. We have not heard Edge and Tega in a song together since ‘SISI NENE’ or ‘Days’ (ft Shonslo) in 2017. Edge reported that 3 or 4 years ago they made a lot of music together but since then, they wanted to create their own identity and now have different schedules which makes it hard to collaborate in tracks like this one. Even though the song gives a soft trap vibe, Edge had early influences from Kid Cudi and now has influences from Nigerian artists and alternative hip hop artists such as Steve Lacy, Noname, Smino, Tyler the Creator and Goldlink. The track first takes us through a lovely soft intro with a voice note from a girl talking about the energy she feels. Later, we discover she is one of Edge’s friends describing a music video. With this intro and the intro of ‘Vice City Vibes’, Edge has demonstrated that the voice notes at the beginning are a fun way to incorporate his friends into his projects and it makes the songs have a fun 2000’s R&B vibe. After the intro, we get right into the ‘OooLaLa’ hook. One of Edge’s many skills is to create catchy hooks that will leave you with the desire to dance and sing along. The rapper reported that his verse and the hook was freestyled and completely composed in the studio based on how he wanted it to sound. In the second verse we hear AYLØ. His verse is effortless and paints a picture of the struggles of love due to a lack of loyalty, closeness, and money. The whole track, including the cover art by Bidemi Tata (@bidemitata), gives a sense of warmth and security. Edge did disclose to us that there are more tracks on the way, so keep this talented upcoming artist in your radar. It is undeniable that Edge and his peers bring a refreshing energy to the Okanagan that uplifts the hip hop scene as a whole in Western Canada.

Spotify — “Ooolala” (Explicit)

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