3 YYC Hip-Hop Videographers To Watch For

3 YYC Hip-Hop Videographers To Watch For

Written by Polo Sho

So you’re a Calgary Rapper and you just recorded your first song that you know is a slapper… You know you’re going to need some visuals for this record. And not just any visuals, you want the best. So who do you call? Who are the trusted names for Music Videos in the YYC Hip-Hop Scene? Here are my picks:

1. DaKidT

DaKidT In Action

DaKidT is a Rapper and Videographer reppin North Calgary. His production company USOMFILMS has been responsible for a lot of dope music videos to come out of the city this year. All his videos are characterized by their unique and high quality cinematography. Often utilizing aerial shots in his works, DaKidT’s videos immerse you in the setting and do a great job of bringing the artist’s vision to life. YYC Rappers he’s worked with include himself, Novkane and Mouraine. DaKidTs YouTube!

Moto X Mouraine X Namso – AD19 (Official Music Video) Directed by USOM FILMS

2. Eighty4 Visuals

Eighty4 Visuals In Action

Eighty4 Visuals is a Rapper, Photographer and Filmmaker based out of Calgary AB. He got into the craft just over a year ago and he’s already making a name for himself on the city’s Hip-Hop scene. Whether it be a cinematic wedding, documentary, music video, interview or a podcast, Eighty4s got you covered and brings quality each time. On the scene he’s been responsible for stand out music videos by Tony Toosick, BigShot Flick and most recently myself (Polo Sho). Eighty4 Visuals YouTube!

Polo Sho – RISE (Official Music Video) Directed by Eighty4 Visuals

3. 99.films

99.films In Action

99.films is a Cinematographer and Photographer based out of Regina, SK. Dyson has been making videos for almost 3 years and has been doing it as a full time job for over 2 years. Although 99 is based out of Regina SK he is very present on the YYC Hip-Hop scene. In 2020 he has been responsible for eye catching music videos by YSR, Jackie Art and Noah & Lazy to name a few. 99.films YouTube!

Y.S.R – Floss (Official Music Video) Directed by 99.films

In conclusion, there’s definitely more Videographers in the city that are great at their craft but these are just my picks who always deliver quality! Shout out to all the Videographers in the city on their grind! Hit the Videos tab to discover more of them!

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