“Gone Ghost” – Nate Lesco (Song Review)

“Gone Ghost” – Nate Lesco (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

On October 21 2020, one of Calgary’s favourite popstars, Nate Lesco, dropped “Gone Ghost”, the second single from his upcoming album. Nate Lesco is originally from Cebu, Philippines and came to Canada when he was only a couple months old due to his parent’s education. As an artist, Nate started making music in high school and started by rapping side to side with Nyemike. Nyemike took Nate out of his comfort zone and pushed him to start recording with him at Beltline studios. As he got deeper into the recording world and the music, he found his identity around 2016-2018 when he started taking singing lessons and started shaping his own original sound. Nate has found inspiration and influence from musicians such as Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator. He has also sparked his creativity from the cinematic art such as Adam Sandler movies and Donald Glover’s productions.

The moody and dark influences in the song are prominent. With a somber theme and a rosy beat, Nate Lesco addresses mortality in a track that makes us want to tango with death. The song was produced by YZ but mixed and mastered by Conch in Edmonton at Resonate Studios, which was recommended by James Colt. Even though Nate started rapping first in music, he sings in most of his songs. In “Gone Ghost” he surprises us in the second verse with his change of flow and voice enunciation, demonstrating that he can deliver both: soft singing and melodic rapping. The track has a pondering effect on mortality. The song was described by Nate as an “acceptance of life” but when we listen carefully, it is about doing all those things in life that we want to do, achieving dreams before we have ‘gone ghost’. Nate Lesco did an exceptional job delivering this dark subject matter by singing softly like The Weeknd and rapping with a clean and unique flow.

As believed by many artists, and Nate Lesco himself, music would not be as impactful if there were no visuals attached to it. Nate did not only deliver the second single from his album (the first one being ‘Miss Me’) but he also blessed us with a clean cut music video. In the music video, our artist is being chased in an alleyway by three robbers wearing all black and holding a baseball bat. In the video, the cinematic emphasis is noticeable, having Nate dressed as the typical corporate man and the robbers having the classic bandit looks. The video cuts from the linear scene where Nate is being chased and caught, to close ups of his face post-beat up, singing on the ground. The video matches the theme of the song, providing a dark image of Nate when he is on the ground bleeding and surrounded by flowers. Overall it is a phenomenal visual, written by Nate Lesco and Juan Pablo Cortez Dueñez, and exceptionally executed by Sunhouse. The picture for the cover of this single was smoothly captured by Paola Hesse, during the filming of the video. The cover and the visuals alone set a mood and leave the beholder intrigued. Once the song was tied into it, Nate delivered a complete experience to the city. We can not wait for the album and what he will make us feel with this upcoming project!


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