“OTL” – Nyemike (ft. Nate Lesco) (Song Review)

“OTL” – Nyemike (ft. Nate Lesco) (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

As the days start getting cold, let Nyemike warm you up with one the hottest YYC summer jams: ‘OTL (ft. Nate Lesco)’ by Nyemike, Calgarian singer, rapper and songwriter. Nyemike started making music back when he was 14, about eight years ago now. His first step towards making music began by first being a young poet and then wanting to fuse it with melody and rhythm. He got inspired to immerse himself in the industry after finding out that kids in his neighbourhood were recording their own music. He asked them if he could use their microphone and the flow and rhythms just built naturally from there. 

‘OTL’ is a hot track not only because of the catchy lyrics and the energetic rhythm. The song is a soft mixture between rap, an energetic spanish beat and some R&B. Nate Lesco, featured Calgarian singer, delivered the chorus flawlessly adding softness and a smooth finish to the song. The mixture and undertones of both their voices together mellowed the song and gave it grooviness. Nyemike and Nate Lesco have been making music since they were in St. Mary’s High School and had some classes together. Ever since high school, they have always been homies and been a part of each other’s creative process. 

The playful energy in the track could also be interpreted as a metaphor for how coming through ‘OTL’ (on the low) situations usually go, trying to keep things light, without any overthinking or seriousness. The song implies that ‘wifey for the night’ has developed feelings but our main artist is busy having fun. However, on upcoming lines it asks ‘lil’ mama’ to not make him love her even though that he does. Definitely, a mixture of emotions that are natural when something is casual but there are feelings and mutual care developing. 

The track has a danceable energy that directly transports us to a tropical place where we can cha cha or merengue and have piña coladas. It actually reminds me of a 2016 Canadian banger, ‘Hotline Bling’, by one of Nyemike’s favourite artists, Drake. Apart from Drake, Nyemike also looks up to artists like Jay-Z, MF DOOM and Childish Gambino. Undoubtedly, Nyemike looks up to successful black artists much like himself and who he is shaping himself into. We can’t wait to see what Nyemike creates next. He absolutely kills any project he works on, whether it is a freestyle, an EP, hip hop or R&B, Nyemike always finds a way to lay his cards on the table and create a beautiful end result.

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