“Came A Long Way” – Sarafin (ft. Yung Papi Bonito & RTC Profit) (Song Review)

“Came A Long Way” – Sarafin (ft. Yung Papi Bonito & RTC Profit) (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Photo by @wongtons0up & cover art by @rosaliepampena

Last week on October 30 2020, Sarafin dropped a feel-good atmospheric project, ‘Summer Sessions’. Within this project he brought multiple local artists together to create this vibey production, these Calgarian artists included RTC Profit, ZHE the Free, Yung Papi Bonito, Yolanda Sargeant, K-Riz, Bvitae  and Amaurhi. “Summer Sessions” was first put into fruition and recorded during the summer of 2019. Now, with colder days around the corner, we can listen to this tape and reminisce about the summer months behind us. We can only thank Sarafin, for bringing the community together, building collaboratively and delivering this soulful catchy production.

Sarafin, our spotlighted artist of the week, did not only rap and perform in multiple tracks within the project, he also produced and mixed every single song in this project. The mastering was handled by Francis TQ Hudson. Sarafin was born and raised in Calgary Alberta and has been making music for more than 10 years. He started by recording hip hop music first and then got into producing and engineering afterwards to accelerate his own independence from producers. Listening to this project, we can tell that Sarafin has put in the time to develop his musical skills to really tackle and master the art of creation. Some of Sarafin’s favourite artists and biggest influences are Kanye West, Russ, J.Cole and Junia-T. His admiration is rooted from a place of ambition. Certainly what Sarafin appreciates from these artists is their multidisciplinary knowledge, their independence, and the way they bring other artists together to build something greater than themselves. 

In “Came a Long Way” the two other featured artists are RTC Profit and Yung Papi Bonito, both young Calgarian rappers. Reportedly, ‘Summer Sessions’ was the first time that Sarafin and Profit worked together. Whereas with Yung Papi Bonito, they have worked on “Hold Up” before, which was released last year and they have another project in the oven. RTC Profit’s artistry is heavily influenced by old school rap and hip hop, Nas being his favourite rapper. Profit and Yung Papi Bonito complemented the song nicely with their unique flow and strong delivery. 

The song was released as the first single of the project earlier this year, in September. It is an upbeat song that elevates the spirits of the listener, It makes us reflect on where we started and when we look back we can realize how far we have come. “Came a Long Way” as a single, foreshadows the album’s tone, but as a part of the project it was perfectly placed as the second song. ‘Get it’, the first song, sets the tone that things are not only happening somewhere else. That they are also happening right here, in Calgary, so it is time to go after them. “Came a Long Way” reflects an upbeat summery vibe that symbolizes the observation of how much the artists have grown and evolved since the start of their musical career. “Sad, Happy” has a bittersweet psychedelic tone in the pursuit of happiness. “Trouble” is about overcoming challenges and the feeling it provokes. Finally, “Sunshine”, the last song, is the perfect golden seal. 

The way in which the tracks were positioned was thoroughly thought out. Sarafin’s artistry is noticeable and admirable. As listeners, we can tell that he doesn’t do it only for the bars or the rhymes but the storytelling. Sarafin did not only give us a project that we can listen to in the cold months that are approaching, but he created a sense of community and brought great Calgarian artists together to create collaboratively. We are also expecting the music video for “Came a Long Way”, which is to be released soon! We can’t wait to see what these great artists build next!


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