Cloude Is Reflective In “We Came From The Trenches” Visuals

Cloude Is Reflective In “We Came From The Trenches” Visuals

Written By MK1

CLOUDE – We Came from the Trenches (Official Music Video)

Artist: Cloude

Producer:  Ramsey Beatz

Mix/Mastering Engineer:  SheaMichaelMusic

Video Director/Editor:  99.films

Record Label: Wealthy Season

Release Date: June 15th, 2020

YYC MC Cloude dropped a single! “We Came from the Trenches” is featured on his new release “Out Of Love To Give” An 8 track album released on November 2nd 2020. Available on Spotify soundcloud and apple music. The visuals are on point with the opening bar “I pray to God the almighty father that they don’t come and get us”, as he’s stood in a church looking for protection knowing life on road can get you in sticky situations. With his outfits matching the different scenes as it cuts from the church to the graveyard, giving the visuals dope contrasts between the scenes. The Simplicity of the video mixed with the lyrics get the point across, you can hear the pain and rawness in Cloude’s voice and lyrics. “It’s cold in these streets, it’s fucking depressing can someone love us” this line hits hard and is just straight to the point and honest. Between the production lyrics and video everything fits together seamlessly. Cloude is one to watch on the come up. His Instagram account is: @cloudeforever check him out give him a follow!

The music video was shot, directed and edited by 99.Films who is based out of Regina, SK. Putting the video together with clean and clear images. Using the tones and colours of the background and lighting to create the feeling and mood of Cloude’s emotions. With the holy cross overlapping certain parts of the scenes. And touches like the news papers, and don’t cross this line tape helping paint the picture of the track and tie everything together. Check him out on Instagram: @99.films. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics:

“We felt the pressure to go and do better, on so many levels”

“Voice of the streets I’m feeling like Durk so I wrote a letter”

“And I’m still in the field I be posted up like scarecrow, me and the devil made a deal so I’m sending shots at your halo”

“Leave his top blown like volcanos”

“Couple shots to his navel, put a hole in his middle like bagels”

“2 pistols on me like Yosemite Sam”

These are just a few between the hook and verses, there’s too many!

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