GunzoSG On Slime With That 403 Drill In New “Wait” Visuals

GunzoSG On Slime With That 403 Drill In New “Wait” Visuals

Written By MK1

GunzoSG – Wait (Official Music Video) | Shot By Eighty4 Visuals

Artist: GunzoSG

Producer: 2dirtyy

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Toosick

Video Director/Editor: Eighty4 Visuals 

Record Label: Flame

Release Date: Nov 20th, 2020

YYC MC GunzoSG dropped a new single, “Wait”, ready for streaming on Spotify! Go support the movement! This track is hard straight out the gate, giving 403 that drill sound. I’ve been waiting for this video to drop! @cloudeforever has been promoting this through his Instagram account, and he made a cameo in the video too. Between the beat and Gunzosg’s cadence bouncing off the grimey bass and dark keys, the tone has been set and this is slime certified. GunzoSG sounds authentic and gritty, this is the first track I’ve heard from this YYC artist. If this is what he’s got to offer, then let’s hope he keeps up the work rate and keeps putting out heavy drill hits like this one! Check out his Instagram account: @gunzosg

The music video was shot and edited by Eighty4 Visuals. This video is raw and fits this track flawlessly. They go together like a Jadakiss & Styles P collab track. I wouldn’t want to see this video any other way. No nice cars, no flexing just GunzoSG and his team letting you know you can get all the smoke. From the local store to the apartment buildings, they are holding down. Dope to see his crew in the video throwing up and representing for GunzoSG’s music. The effects add some nice touches to the video without it being overproduced. The energy is present and the visuals get the point across! Check out his Instagram account: @eighty4visuals. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics

“Damn this shit just jammed, I gotta grease the steal”

“He talking tough, he gone turtle”

“I got them packs, off-white Virgil”

“He want to lack, he going viral”

“How am I going to lose, I’m playing for keeps”

Another track full of bars, just a few, check it out and decide for yourself!

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