S16 Comes With That High Energy In New “Wave” Visuals

S16 Comes With That High Energy In New “Wave” Visuals

Written By MK1

S16 – Wave (feat. Darian King, Alan Revlis, Revv, GoldenBoy, & Kxyo) [Official Music Video]

Artist: S16 Featuring (Darian King, Alan Revils, Revv, GoldenBoy & Kxyo)

Producer:  Suite16 Entertainment

Mix/Mastering Engineer:  Suite16 Entertainment

Video Director/Editor:  Darian King & Vince Raquel

Record Label: Suite16 Entertainment

Release Date: November 6, 2020

YYC MCs S16 (Suite16) dropped a new single, “Wave”! This ones a movie, feeling like I’m watching Shottas. Coming in with that high energy from the verses to the beat, while still keeping it wavy with the flows. Each artist has their own style which compliments each other. If this team keeps bringing this hunger to the table they’ll be here for longevity in the game. It’s always good to see big collaborations like this come together, but to be able to pull it off so effortlessly is a feat on it’s own. I’ll be keeping my ear to the streets to see what heat they drop next. Check out their Instagram account: @suite16ent

The music video was shot and edited by Vince Raquel. The way he was able to put this video together makes it feel like I’m watching a short movie. It brings a vibe that S16 are coming after the game by any means necessary. Pulling off a kidnapping and hitting every spot for the bag. With scenes cutting out of the booth, to them sitting around a poker table plotting their next move. And then concluding with the Grande finale of them making an exchange with the guy they threw in the trunk in the start of the video for a briefcase of money. This video paints a picture of the intensity and speed of the street life. With the energy of the track coming together perfectly. The talent is undeniable here from both sides. I’d definitely recommend checking Vince Raquel out for his other work. His Instagram is @vinceraquel. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics

I have to say the hook is fire so shout out to the energy it brings!

Alan Revils: “Big King like mufasa”

Revv: “all of our food, we hungry no dieting”

GoldenBoy “we started from the ground and we study paleontology”

Darian King “sh*** about to get Messi, so you know we down to score”

Kxyo “I’m addicted to the hustle, I think I need an intervention” 

Every verse has dope lines, and the flows are on point! Go give the track a listen! This is street heat!

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