“Used To The Pain” – Sane (Song Review)

“Used To The Pain” – Sane (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Photograph by @craiiggo

Calgary’s very own, Sane, released his EP on November 6, ‘Both Sides’. Within it he put together a collaboration of two beautiful songs, “Both Sides” and “Used to the Pain”. Sane, a.ka Sina, is a 24 year old French Iranian artist born in Iran, his mom is Iranian and his dad is French. He has now been living in Calgary for about 12 years. With this diversity of cultures, Sane can achieve a great diversity of sounds which he shows in his craft. Sane has always been called by music, since his childhood. However, he waited because he wanted to get into school, he didn’t know where or how to start his career as a musician and didn’t have the right resources. He started making music in 2017 after the release of Drake’s mixtape ‘More Life’, which completely sparked his inspiration as an artist. This mixtape became a big motivation for Sane, he would spend days studying the lyrics, flows and rhyming schemes. That is when Sane got really really inspired to write music. Afterwards, he stopped making music for a while to go to school at SAIT and then started again diligently in 2019. Sane has some guitar background but most of his musical knowledge is in rhythm and musical poetry.

From the EP, “Both Sides”, we focused on “Used to the Pain”, which was accompanied by a music video that was released on November 12 of 2020. The beat of the song was produced by Manny Manhattan and it was mixed and mastered by Calgarian producer, Sam Mailloux. Sane found the beat online, on youtube, and this one just spoke to him for this particular song. Sane and Sam Mailloux, the producer, met in 2018 and have been making music together ever since. They first met up to see what the vibes were at the studio and have been working together ever since. They discovered that the chemistry just started flowing and, musically, it really worked between them. Since then, they always collaborate and work together in anything they can put their hands on. They also have an EP, ‘Summer in July’, up on all streaming platforms.

‘Used to the Pain’ has a very noticeable influence from Drake. As listeners, in this track, we will encounter hard bars but Drake-like soft flows and melodies. The theme of the song is also soft. The lyrics described by Sane come from the heart, which reflects a nostalgic tone to overcoming hardships, contrasting to trap these days which talks about flexing cars, parties, jewelry and girls. The beat comes in hard with a reminiscent beginning and gives us a sample vibes. Even though ‘More Life’ was a big inspiration for Sane, this song was inspired by ‘Like I’m Supposed to”, a Drake track that leaked in 2019. Drake’s influence on Sina is so noticeable that we could almost swear he is from Toronto. Sane keeps his rhyming scheme tight, effortlessly transitioning from his verse to hook and so on. 

The video to ‘Used to the Pain’ was also very impressive. The scenes were shot clean around Mckenzie Lake in the SE and around Downtown Calgary. The addition of the drone scenes on the top are impeccable. The lake looks amazing and gives the whole video a cool chilling effect. It shows the coldness of the lake which showcases Calgary from a different perspective. Even though there are scenes shot downtown I thoroughly enjoyed the Lake scenes especially for those of us who are not too familiar with the Southeast of Calgary. We are able to see a part of the city with new eyes through these shots. We can’t wait to see how Sane refines his craft even more and collaborates more with artists around the city!



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