AK-SLIM Is Fresh Out Letting You Know The Facts In “First Day Out” Visuals

AK-SLIM Is Fresh Out Letting You Know The Facts In “First Day Out” Visuals

Written By MK1


Artist: AK-SKIM

Producer: Dexxxmusic

Mix/Mastering Engineer:  Dexxxmusic

Video Director/Editor: Shinigami Ent

Record Label: N.T.C. Records

Release Date: December 3rd, 2020

YYC MC AK-SLIM dropped a new single! Available for streaming and download on Spotify! Looks like he’s fresh out with the opening visuals giving you some insight on why he’s been gone. And his bro is on stage getting the crowd to shout out “free AK”. The track has got a sick bounce giving you that instant head nod. His style is easy to listen to straight out the gate. You can tell what he’s on with the line “I be on my grind, I got no more time for bitches”. Sounds like he’s focused and ready to get what he’s focused on. The switch up halfway through the video to a different track and vibe is unexpected but works seamlessly. It brings a fresh feeling to the video and lightens up the mood as well as the visuals. It’s always dope to get a snippet of another track an artist has in their bag. It keeps you engaged as a listener and waiting for the next drop. Gotta say for my first introduction to AK-SLIM, I’ll be driving around playing this one in my ride. Check out his Instagram account: @twenty47safi.

The music video was shot and edited by Shinigami Ent. I like how these visuals open up, skipping in and out of flashbacks in AK-SLIM’s journey. Showing some shots of the covid-19 pandemic and testing stations keeping it current with today’s events. As well as putting a spotlight on the protests to end systemic racism. Which is the real virus that has been plaguing this planet for hundreds of years. There are some moments in the video where AK is wearing chains which are so subtle, but has such a deeper meaning when you really take it in. The black and white imagery set a good emotional tone of pain and the darkness surrounding these issues. When the second track comes in AK drops the chains and breaks free. I feel like this is a metaphor for his freedom. The visuals become colourful and the track becomes upbeat with AK vibing with his bro’s looking fresh, bustin’ a move. This is the life AK is heading for putting out tracks and music projects. I like the 2 sides to this video. It’s short but gives you a taste of AK’s style and what he’s got in his catalog. All around a solid piece of work from the music to the video. Check out the directors instagram @shinigami_ent.collective. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“I was doing time they were moving superstitious” 

“There ain’t nothing you can offer me, business man I’m off the streets”

“They can’t touch my property, use your logic please”

“I don’t sip codeine, I don’t even f**k with perks” 

“A Bunch of baddies doing shots with the realest”

“She’s poured henny gave me top, she got hiccups”

“I’ve been on my “A” game since I hopped in the stu”

AK-SLIM is one to watch! Check out the track for yourself, here’s a few lines I’m rocking with!

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