‘Bad for Me’ – Robegiene (Song Review)

‘Bad for Me’ – Robegiene (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Cover photo: ‘Bad for Me’

Robegiene is a talented Calgarian actress, songwriter and singer. She recently released two touching singles, ‘Bad for Me’ and ‘Wonder’. Robegiene has focused on making music for a couple years now, she started around 2018. As a daughter of filipino parents, she has always been a performer and a singer. Since she was little, her parents always pushed her to perform in front of relatives and sing in front of people. Before 2018, she used to be an instagram model. At the beginning of the social media rise, she became intrigued with doing instagram modeling. She contacted local photographers using hashtags such as #yycphotog or #yycmodel. This is how she first started building a platform for herself. Later on, this platform helped her get her foot in the door in music and acting which is what she desires to focus on. She first got involved in the music scene when Wyatt and Nouyan, from Sandstone City (a Calgary hip hop band), reached out to her on her instagram to be the muse and star in some of their music videos. These included ‘Whip Like That’, ‘Poseidon’ and ‘Insomnia’. After, Wyatt connected with Robegiene and they started working on original pieces which gave fruition to ‘Bad for Me’. 

‘Bad for Me’ was Robegiene’s first original song. She started recording this song last year. Robegiene first created ‘Bad for Me’ and then ‘Wonder’ which is the second single Robegiene has out on all streaming platforms. Now, Robegiene has more than 10 songs in the vault ready to be mixed, mastered and released. “Bad for Me’ first got initialized when Nouyan, from Sandstone City, sent Robegiene the melodic but trappy beat. Once Robegiene had the beat, her and Wyatt, who is also on the bridge of the song, started writing the lyrics one afternoon last year at Cafe Med, and worked on the lyrical writing for two hours straight. Ivo Santos, aka. New Saint, also guided Robegiene through the process of lyrically writing this song. Wyatt did the mixing and mastering of the track and the final symphonic product was ready to go in September of last year.  

Robegiene has inspiration and influences from lots of artists, some of these include Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele, Lianne La Havas, Sabrina Claudio, HER, Daniel Cesar and Ari Lennox. By these artists and the way she presents herself, you can tell that Robegiene’s style is raw, vocal and real. The song has a softness with a catchy base heavy beat. Robegiene’s genre in this song could be best described as trap soul. The edginess of the song is not heard under the melodic guitar in the song but it is reflected through the music video. The track exposes the artist’s vulnerability and honestly with herself. She sings about toxic relationships and the difference between temporary and long term benefits in lines such as ‘love the way you make me feel alright, but I know that you’re bad for me’. The track is an open book into her feelings and realization of what doesn’t work permanently. 

The video for ‘Bad for Me’ is beautifully shot and aesthetically attractive. It was shot in Chinatown and the whole video reflects a nocturnal neon energy. The music video is inspired by the critically acclaimed show, Euphoria. From the make up, to the colours, to the neon lights, you can notice the influence the show had on Robegiene’s music video. The aesthetics and the significance of the music video are very well thought out. With songs and music videos like the ones she has been producing, Robegiene will have no problem finding her way in the scene. We can’t wait to listen to her upcoming singles and experience the emotions she evokes on us listeners!


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