‘HOLYWATER’ – New Saint (Song Review)

‘HOLYWATER’ – New Saint (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Holy Water cover

New Saint, local artist, musician and songwriter released his latest EP, Holy Water, late last month. He is a world traveler and has lived in multiple cities, including Hong Kong, Vancouver and now Calgary. New Saint was born in Manila, Philippines, and this project is ‘dedicated to Filipina women’. HOLYWATER, the introductory track, is from the perspective of one lady in particular. New Saint has been interested in music since he was 13 years old. He could be considered genre-fluid since he has explored multiple categories of musical compositions including punk, electronic dance music, hip hop, chill hop and RnB. He plays multiple instruments such as the guitar, base, and piano. And he also produces music and has lately gotten more into the mixing, mastering and sound engineering aspect of the art. Holy Water is a cohesive groovy project perfect for any listening occasion, let’s dig in. 

The EP was released on November 27th of 2020 and has left us all bouncing back to this melodic intimate chill hop creation. The project has 6 songs. Starting with HOLYWATER, the first song in the EP and the track we are dissecting this week. The song was produced by level, from a beat New Saint acquired through BeatStars and mixed and mastered by New Saint himself. HOLYWATER was actually the first song he recorded from the EP. He recorded it right after recording Cold Hands, his first EP, in 2019. After New Saint listened to HOLYWATER he based the whole project around it. He knew that this was going to be the song that would procreate the whole EP, that it was all going to be surrounding that theme.

The song HOLYWATER, starts with a soft opening, both with New Saints voice but also with the subtle door opening sound, inviting you to listen to the whole project. The theme of the project, and of course of this intro, is ‘holy water’ which in religion is believed to be used to fight evil and demons. In New Saint’s project it also refers to alcohol. He uses this play of words since in moments of trouble those are the two main things we tend to turn to, alcohol and religion. To New Saint alcohol and religion both seemed as solutions to problems; however, the reality is that both of those tend to make situations worse. The artist disclosed that this song has a nostalgic remark, reminiscing about his teenage years growing up in a small town where there wasn’t much to do except party and drink. This song is inspired by a girl that he met when he was sixteen. It is alluded that the artist had a type of romantic relationship with this girl that ended in terms which lead to resorting to alcohol and “drowning in holy water”.

Holy Water, the EP, and Cold Hands have been great windows for us to look at the potential that New Saint has to offer. We are excited to see what is next for him in 2021. He will be putting some singles out at the start of the year and then completely go into album mode. We can also look forward to the growth of Zero Future Club, their independent label, and a collaborative mixtape from them. A little closer in dates, we are expecting the music video for WYS?, which should be released later this month! New Saint did an exceptional job with Holy Water, we can not wait to listen to a whole album from him. Surely, it will be a balanced combination between cohesive storytelling and danceable bangers!


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