Versvs Giving Us A Look Into His Dark Side With Visuals For “Invisible”

Versvs Giving Us A Look Into His Dark Side With Visuals For “Invisible”

Written By MK1

Versvs – INVISIBLE (Official Video)

Artist: Versvs

Producer: tunnA Beatz

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Audiohouse

Video Director/Editor: Frenzy

Record Label: Versvs

Release Date: December 13th, 2020

YYC MC Versvs dropped a new single “Invisible”! First things first we’ve got a lyricist alert! We’ve got a real writer on our hands here. Got to give it to Versvs on this one he’s got a serious catalog and some impressive collaborations under his belt with some real spitters so we got to shout that out and give him the props he deserves. The lyrics in this track are Versvs telling us his truth and he’s opening up about his flaws, and when you live in your truth you’re unstoppable and only a few are willing to walk that fine line leaving their ego at the door and checking in with themselves. This track is worth some rewinds so you can take it in. Got to salute Versvs on this one. I’m feeling the story behind the bars, I also like how he’s poking fun at himself while talking on serious subjects. It makes the track entertaining as well as giving you a glimpse into his life. All around it’s a dope track! The hook is solid and the production is crisp and clean. Thank you Versvs for shedding light onto mental health. Check out his Instagram account: @versvsofficial.

The music video was shot and edited by Frenzy. This video is sick and twisted with a splash of darkness. The visuals are creative and spectacular, some of the landscape shots are stunning. I love how the video starts out with Versvs tied up being dragged whilst he’s tied and just gets straight into his first verse. Followed up with the mirror scene having a convo with himself but his reflection isn’t moving while he is engaging in a conversation with himself. Which to me represents the struggle with mental health we try to speak out but sometimes it’s too hard to get that communication across. Feeling trapped within our own minds and pain. The video to me represents Versvs killing his old self and his old struggles burying his past. As he’s digging his own grave for himself and getting rid of his own body throughout the video. This has got to be one of the top videos and pieces I’ve written about so far on my journey as a writer for yychiphopdaily. All around solid collaboration between the director and artist. Go check out the director his Instagram is @directorfrenzy. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“I wasn’t feeling sh** like i had nothing in my chest, not blaming anyone cause i just wasn’t at my best, plus I know that OCD was really fu**cking with my head”

“I get it you don’t wanna hang cause the kids so strange, i’m skits man, the party seemed lit though damn, in the movies this the part where that sh** got bang”

“They never wanted to talk but now I rap wow”

“I don’t wanna believe that i’m invisible, but for them to see me sh** i’d probably need a miracle”

“Who knew a kid who couldn’t speak would be so lyrical”

Versvs is a real lyricist so I don’t think I scratched the surface on most of his bars on this one. The flows are on point! Go give the track a listen! This is street heat!

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