Cloude’s Work Rate Is Off The Charts Another One With Visuals For “4AM In The Flame”

Cloude’s Work Rate Is Off The Charts Another One With Visuals For “4AM In The Flame”

Written By MK1

CLOUDE – 4AM IN THE FLAME (Official Video)

Artist: Cloude

Producer: RicoRunDat

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Toosick

Video Director/Editor: Eighty4Visuals

Record Label: Wealthy Season

Release Date: December 21st, 2020

YYC MC Cloude dropped another new single “4AM In The Flame”, Shout out to Cloude’s work rate! We’re in the middle of a pandemic and it isn’t slowing him down at all. I’m on my third review for this artist in a matter of months. In my personal opinion this guy is ready to go to the top. Between his flow, voice style and versatility he’s ready to be packaged and sell out shows. He states he’s independent in this track and he’s staying that way. In this day and age I think staying independent is the best move to control your own destiny and get what you’re worth as a creator. As a city we should be backing artists like this to make it, it’s our time to put the city on the map. As far as the track goes the beat is emotional with bounce. Cloude’s bars are always solid, he’s slick with word play and will still hit you up with some straight up lines that are just truthful and straight to the point. Check out his Spotify he’s got a lot of dope work and his last project was solid front to back. Check out his Instagram account: @cloudeforever

The music video was shot and edited by Eighty4Visuals. Another hard working creator. I don’t know if these guys are from the same crew but they are both work rate pros, and a dope combination. It’s good to see that this kind of productivity is happening in the city. The video is sick displaying the city with a lot of cityscape views at 4AM. From the high rises to the graffiti walls and low highlights. Feeling the microphone shots and Cloude firing up the aerosol can. The simplicity of these ideas still link everything together in a fresh and creative way. It’s also dope that Cloude is just on his own in the video. Another solid one, 2021 is going to be a madness for both of these talented individuals if this is how they’re finishing off 2020. Don’t forget the music video was shot and edited by Eighty4Visuals. His Instagram is @Eightyfourvisuals. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“I mix the sprite till it’s dirty, then I add a perky, I leave a g surfin’ if he ever try to merk me”

“Bitch I’m about that action first, like turbines I’ma let it blow”

“These streets will break your heart, day ones turn opposition”

“Eager to make it to the top, I might just climb a mountain”

“I’ll look my killer in his eyes, when they comes for me”

“I’ll call your bluff, and scratch your card like a lottery”

Too many bars, Cloude is too slick with it! Go give the track a listen! This is street heat!

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