“Far Away” – PTK (Exclusive Song Premiere)

“Far Away” – PTK (Exclusive Song Premiere)

Written by Polo Sho

Artist: PTK

Producer: Tyoe

Mix/Mastering Engineer: PTK

Photographer: PTK

Record Label: AR Recordings

Release Date: January 22nd, 2021

PTK presents his sophomore mixtape, “Are We There Yet 2”, produced entirely by German Trap Producer, Tyoe. The tape tote’s 8 records with a variety of emotions and vocal performances. Lyrically the project is alternative and PTK says “it’s me experimenting lyrically and trying to refine the limits of my taste”. Sonically the project is impressive! Tyoe’s production is a wave of slamming, rolling 808 low-end madness and provocative melodies. Without a doubt this tape shows advances in many areas compared to PTK’s last project such as vocal delivery and mixing. Give the project a listen! IT’S OUT EVERYWHERE!!


The song we’re highlighting off this release is the lead single, “Far Away”! On this record PTK expresses a different side of his artistry with a lighter delivery and escapism lyrics. The banging trap-influenced beat provided by Tyoe compliments PTK’s melodic flow perfectly. The music video was shot and directed by Mactabilis. It features solo scenes of PTK in different settings around the city; the mall, a farmers market, the park, etc. All of these places tie in with the lyrics as they are part of PTK’s escape fantasy. The video opens with PTK sleeping and ends with him waking up to signify that everything we saw in the video was all in his dream or perfect world. Very professionally done! Shout out to PTK on a dope record! Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

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