GunzsoSG Starting Off The New Year With Visuals to “Dead Men”

GunzsoSG Starting Off The New Year With Visuals to “Dead Men”

Written By MK1

GunzoSG – Dead Men (Official Music Video) | Shot By Eighty4 Visuals

Artist: GunzoSG

Producer: Dmac

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Tony Toosick

Video Director/Editor: Eighty4Visuals

Record Label: Interstreet Recordings

Release Date: January 1st, 2021

YYC MC GunzoSG dropped a new single “Dead Men”. GunzoSG is back on New Year’s day dropping some heat. It’s good to see consistency in an artist’s work-rate. There’s a switch up in his style on this one. Not a hard drill track but a smooth melodic bounce with some emotional lyrics touching on not being able to trust. But still on that chase for the stacks. Road life doesn’t change, not every day is promised you could lose to the streets or the system. I feel like GunzoSG does a solid job of displaying that in this track with his lyrics and emotions, while making it easy to listen to. It’s a hit in my books. Let’s get it for 2021, the talent is here for a great year for this artist. Support the scene and go give this a like and share also check out his Instagram account: @gunzosg.

The music video was shot and edited by Eighty4visuals. This video producer is really out here putting in work. So first things first big up eighty4visuals work ethic! That’s how you make it, hard work and creativity. Keeping it clean with the visuals on this one, with simple shots and fresh effects which is all this track needs honestly. A smooth track and video that flows so you can just take in the vibe from the studio shots to outside in snow to GunzoSG posted up in his whip. Styling it out in his outfits can’t say GunzoSG ain’t flossing in this one. The lighting is dope in all the different shots is something I noticed. It’s the simple touches which create the biggest difference. Shout out to this collaboration. At this point I am a fan of both of these artists. The man behind the mic and the man behind the camera. His Instagram is @eighty4visuals. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“I go crazy for that money I’m a mad man, tryna fill the bank account up with dead men”

“I’m just tryna get my funds right, while I double cup, These g’s ain’t one of us, I keep that glizzy tucked”

“Free the demons out the can, I ain’t worried about the feds I’m fin to go spend again” 

“No need to wear a mask, they know who I am”

“I ain’t going to fold up on my mans, it ain’t part of my plan” 

This track is fresh, there’s a lot of good bars in this one! Go give the video a watch! This is street heat!

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