‘Darkseid’ – K The Chosen (Song Review)

‘Darkseid’ – K The Chosen (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

Cover photo: Darkseid

‘Darkseid’ is K The Chosen’s single from ‘The Valentines Mixtape’, forming one third of this anticipated project. K The Chosen is a Calgarian artist, originally from Zimbabwe. He has been living in the city for 5 years going to university and studying business at U of C. The 24 year old artist has an interest and passion in artist management where he has had most of his creative experience, aside from being a rapper. From the years he has been in Calgary, he has seen the hip hop scene develop and grow with him, making it feel like home. He has been known as ‘K The Chosen’ for the last 3 years; although, he has been making and recording music since he was in highschool in a rap group in Zimbabwe. K has always been very creative behind the scenes: writing lyrics, doing artwork, managing social media and doing video editing. Being really involved in music and helping artists, such as Nyemike and Nate Lesco, nostalgia got him back into making music and now he has performed at multiple shows around the city. 

K decided to study his university degree in Calgary since, apart from wanting to be in a safe western country, he recognized that Calgary was a city where the music scene was growing. To our rapper, Calgary appeared to be a city full of music festivals. It was until he moved into the city that he realized it was folk and country music central. But he did not get discouraged from that: “I think there is beauty to that” said K, “Calgary is finding its voice and its sound, and we are building and forming the future of hip hop within the city”. From the city, the university and the program, it all fitted perfectly with the artist. Building this community together, K will not only impact the community with his music, but also by building packages for artists and helping them with business details, as an artist developer. 

‘Darkseid’ was released on February 5th, 2020, 8 days before Valentine’s Day. It was produced by one of K The Chosen’s Zimbabwean friends, Rudd (@rudd_onthabeat). They met online through Big Soko Music (@bigsokomusic, a hiphop community similar to 10 at 10). This happened through a post where Rudd commented on interest to be a part of K’s project. The song was mixed and mastered by Rome (@konscious_productions). This song was recorded at the beginning of this year. The mixtape, released on February 12th, is composed of 3 songs. These songs have 3 different perspectives of what love is and how it feels. ‘Darkseid’ obtaining its title from a comic’s super villain, is a darker and more cynical approach to love. ‘Courtship’ is about the role of social peer pressure in our modern dating life and ‘Valentimes’ is a cute, lovey dovey approach to romantic and platonic love. 

‘Darkseid’, being a melodic track, starts with some singing and continues with strong lyrical rapping. We can hear that K has melodic influences in his style such as Saba, Mick Jenkins, J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar. We can also hear some of Smino and Duckwrth in the rawness of his music and even JID in the way the storytelling is presented. Something K demonstrated throughout the mixtape and this song, is strong punchlines and double entendres. We can see this even just from the title of the single, ‘Darkseid’, which can be interpreted as a typo of ‘Dark side’ since this track touches on the somber side of love; however, it was named after a DC comic super villain that shoots lasers from his eyes. K came up with the idea that it probably hurts when Darkseid cries. This reflects through the theme of vulnerability and breaking the “macho rapper” prototype. K opens up about two separate situations of his past love life. Two dramatic stories that are told with bravery and openness from the artist.

K The Chosen did a terrific job with ‘The Valentines Mixtape’. He took us on a ride of stories, ideas and concepts, not to mention his strong lyricism and poetic nature. ‘Valentimes’ was my personal favourite from the three songs due to its playful cheery nature. This could have been the single to be first released from the mixtape; however, I believe ‘Darkseid’ has more of an impact due to the rawness of the personal stories. In the near future, we can look forward to more singles and social media content (such as reels) from the rapper. There are also some side music projects that the artist is working on, such as ‘Science Genius’ ran by ‘Beakerhead’, teaching kids science through hip hop. K will also be doing some artist and repertoire through social media and creative development for other local artists. Personally, I can’t wait to experience more of K The Chosen’s punchlines, double entendres and creativity. It will elevate our city and the way artists collaborate with each other!

K The Chosen, photo by Floyd Gonzales


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