‘Get Money’ – Polo Sho (Song Review)

‘Get Money’ – Polo Sho (Song Review)

Written By Angie Vargas

‘Get money’ cover art by Stefan Legacy

Polo Sho, aka Shosho Dania, is the 26 years old Calgarian artist being spotlighted this week. He is originally from Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Canada with his family when he was 15 young, in 2009. When Polo was 15, his passion and inspiration for song production started sparking and began working on FL studio at this early age. He was completely self taught from youtube and then got into different softwares. In 2018, he dropped out of his economics degree in pursuit of his real passion as an Audio Engineer at the Academy of Production and Recording Arts, here in Calgary. Even before he started beat production, when he was only 9 years old, Shosho started writing rap songs. It all started in Nigeria, with a Walkman and an ‘Eminem – Encore’ album. This album set off a devotion for the genre and Polo would write over the Eminem songs. Polo has been rapping as Polo Sho since 2017, when he had open heart surgery that put his life into perspective. When he healed, he knew he needed to reinvent himself and to follow his true passion. Right after his recovery he renamed himself as ‘Polo Sho’, after the Netflix show ‘Marco Polo’, and started building!

“Get Money” is completely engineered, mixed and mastered by Polo Sho. The beat was produced by Soy, Calgarian artist and rapper. This song is released under the ‘LiftedOnes’ record label. As part of his music path, Polo started the ‘LiftedOnes’ record label which initially was a Soundcloud page used as a platform to showcase some of the local talent in Calgary. Infamy, Soy, Shosho and Bmore, have all released mixtapes on LiftedOne Records. All except Bmore went to Bishop O’Byrne; even though Shosho went to highschool with Soy and Infamy, they actually started working together in 2017 after the surgery.

This track is about staying focused and getting inspired. The beat of the song is slow, moody and could have either been a sad song or it could be something that sparks inspiration. In this case, Shosho decided to stay optimistic and focus on not the negative side of being in a global pandemic, but instead get money with the homies and get over the pandemic. This song stimulates a different vibe from other Polo Sho releases since it’s a different sound. It tackles a whole different type of production. The song starts with guitar strings and some raw singing from Shosho and then transitions into soulful rap. Shosho is a great rapper; he has always had a smooth and emotionally intelligent delivery in his bars. The hook is the singing from the beginning which is catchy and after a couple replays will have you singing “I just need to get money baby, I just need to get money baby”. The rapping is clean and the song sound effects wrap it together to make a lyrical song that is relatable to everyone. The double entendres and rhyming scheme, prove Shosho’s ability which elevates the song and brings the heat to YYC.

In 2019 Shosho ran a campaign to raise funds to produce, and record his debut album. Part of the promise to the people that donated is that it will be submitted for consideration to get nominated for a Juno award. The album, ‘Determination’, was supposed to be released in November of 2020. Like for many others, the pandemic got in the way of plans; however, we are excited to announce that the album is on the way and will be released on April 9th, 2021! The video will also be coming short after the album. We are thrilled to listen to it when it comes out, and we will keep our fingers crossed to get that Juno nomination!

Polo Sho


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