Kam Prada Brings That LA Vibe In Visuals For “Sunset BLVD”

Kam Prada Brings That LA Vibe In Visuals For “Sunset BLVD”

Written by Polo Sho

Kam Prada – Sunset Blvd (Official Music Video)

Artist: Kam Prada

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Toosick

Video Director/ Editor: Kam Prada, Josh Turner & MYNAMEFRENCH

Record Label: Celestial

Release Date: February 26, 2021

YYC Rapper Kam Prada is back with a new music video and banger! In “Sunset BLVD” Kam uses a trip to Los Angeles as inspiration for this summer time smash with a crazy catchy hook. In the hook, Kam raps “Cause I’m in LA with it, for the vibes”. The hook ends with, “Now is you with me cause there ain’t no switching sides yeah”, and the theme of not switching sides is how Kam starts both his verses, clearly if you want to be cool with Kam you gotta be a real one. The trap-influenced instrumental features light pianos, synths and banging 808s!

The music video was directed by Kam Prada, Josh Turner & MYNAMEFRENCH and was released on Kam Prada’s YouTube channel. The video opens with text on the screen in which Kam explains that he went to LA in November of 2020 to be inspired to create something special, this song. Throughout the video we see several captivating visuals of the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Kam is seen living his best life in LA; walking on the Hollywood walk of fame, recording on a patio, driving through the city in a Ferrari, etc. There are also some scenes of the video shot at White Box Studios, here in Calgary. At this location fellow YYC Rapper Kayam makes a cameo. The video does a great job of capturing the energy of the record perfectly! Shout out to Kam Prada on a dope record! Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics:

What I’m on these days

Need a uHaul makin’ moves I’m really on the way

Told my team lets run it up and make a 100k 

Catchin’ flights not catchin’ feelings imma fly away

Yeah imma fly away

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