PTK Takes Us Through Lake Bonavista In “ALiVE” Visuals

PTK Takes Us Through Lake Bonavista In “ALiVE” Visuals

Written by Polo Sho


Artist: PTK

Producer: Dojo Antonio

Mix/Mastering Engineer: PTK

Video Director/ Editor: Eleven Creative

Record Label: AR Recordings

Release Date: March 11th, 2021

YYC Rapper PTK is back with a new music video for his 2020 banger, “Alive”! The record is the opening track to PTK’s debut mixtape “Are We There Yet?” and lives up to its title because PTK brings that high energy and that nothing can stop me attitude! In his verse, PTK raps “Run it up I cannot quit till my numbers up, Sun is up I’ll be grinding till I’m blowing up”. The hook ends with, “Their handing out these winnings let’s go on and get some”. PTK is clearly a man on a mission and won’t stop till he reaches his goals. The trap-influenced instrumental produced by YYC Producer Dojo Antonio features dark haunting synths and banging 808s!

The music video was directed by Eleven Creative and was released on PTK’s YouTube channel. The video opens up with some captivating aerial shots of the Lake Bonavista community in South Calgary. PTK is heard saying, “If someone else wants to do a Lake Bonavista video it’s gonna have to be pretty sick to top this one”. The video features several more dope shots of the Lake Bonavista community as well as scenes of PTK in different settings performing his banger. The songs Producer, Dojo Antonio, makes a couple cameos in the video, he is seen smoking a blunt and rapping along to PTK’s lyrics. The video does a great job of capturing the high energy of the record perfectly! Shout out to PTK on a dope record! Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop!

Quotable Lyrics:

The kind of music that’s got you bumping out of your system

The kind of lyrics that have the soft ones playing victim

Oh you know Doj I told him to bring all the big drums

Their handing out these winnings let’s go on and get some

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