PTK Is Coming With The Sauce In Visuals For “007”

PTK Is Coming With The Sauce In Visuals For “007”

Written By MK1


Artist: PTK

Producer: Dojo Antonio

Mix/Mastering Engineer: PTK

Video Director/Editor: PTK & Eleven Creative

Record Label: AR Music

Release Date: April 23rd, 2021

YYC MC PTK dropped a new single 007! Bringing heat to the spring with some dance moves and flavor this city has been missing. Don’t be sleeping on this. I think PTK is just bubbling up right now and has some big tracks and his own lane and waves he’s going to carve out for this city. I can tell he was having a lot of fun recording this one, but still hitting you with his true thoughts. Originality is key in an artist and for me PTK has his own style and sound. Dojo Antonio definitely complements his creative side with this beat. We could have a serious duo on our hands here if this is another taste of music we get from this combination. I know PTK has a solid music catalog on the streaming platforms. I’d recommend giving him a listen and supporting his journey. If this is just the surface I’m excited to see and learn more about PTK the deeper he gets in the scene. Check out his Instagram account: @ptkallday he also has a website worth checking out too let’s run this one up and get it the views and drive it deserves!

The music video was shot and edited by Eleven Creative & PTK. This is dope to see an artist and videographer collaborating on a video. Creating visuals at a high quality, painting the picture of the lyrics with the screen shots and scenes. The video’s settings already show you the state of mind of PTK. That he’s into making power moves and wants to live a certain lifestyle. For him to have a dance lined up with the track is also a first for me in a rapper coming out of the YYC. You can tell a lot of thought and time went into creating this and picking out the place to shoot this video. From the aerial views in the start, to the balcony scenes with PTK doubling up and being on both balconies is a cool and refreshing concept. The underlying hints to the title of him representing 007 with his outfit, the night vision goggles effects on the camera too. Even portraying James Bond’s lavish lifestyle being in a high end resort with amazing views. All around a solid piece integrating the song title and the lyrics with the visuals. Excited to see what’s next to come out of both of these creators. Their Instagrams are @eleven.creative @ptkallday. Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“Bitch I come with the rounds like a Fucking AK, I was in the game you were playing 2K”

“10 Bands on my wrist, and a crown on the claspe ”

“Dom perignon James Bond okay, They want to spend a day feeling like TK”

“Like bitch he can’t, no he just mumbles, I put in the work, I don’t need to be humble”

Every verse has dope lines, and the flows are on point! Go give the track a listen! This track is a wave and brings that bounce to the city!

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