Tinywiings Is Pulling Up Fashionably Late With Visuals For “Late To The Party”

Tinywiings Is Pulling Up Fashionably Late With Visuals For “Late To The Party”

Written By MK1

Tinywiings – Late to the Party (Official Music Video)

Artist: Tinywiings

Producer: Vez

Mix/Mastering Engineer: Shea Michaels

Video Director/Editor: Elysium Creative

Record Label: Tinywiings

Release Date: March 29th, 2021

YYC MC Tinywiings dropped a new single! “Late To The Party” bringing bars and bounce all in one package. First and foremost we have to give Tinywiings her roses for consistency, doing numbers with streams and representing the city and at the pace she’s moving she’s going to be one of Canada’s next top artists. She’s got a big personality and most important a presence that she brings to the table. The beat for this track thumps with her flow riding in and out the pockets of the beat. It’s an instant head nodder, easy to listen to but don’t sleep on the lyrics. It’s bar heavy with a hint of attitude. This track is available on all streaming platforms, go run up the numbers and support the movement. You can catch her online by checking out her Instagram account: @tinywiings

The music video was shot and edited by Elysium Creative. This video is a wave! Tinywiings and her girls are vibing having a good time. The outfits and the colors are popping in the images, you can see this video shoot was a party. Nothing is forced here, Tinywiings is throwing down with what it looks like is her day one girls. From the studio to the switch ups outside, the feeling the video gives off is contiguous. I feel like if I partied with Tinywiings and her crew after watching this video, I’d be hungover for a week straight. Super clean and well put together video, which paints the story of the track perfectly. His Instagram is @elysiumcreative Show some love to the artists! Give them a follow and add this song to your playlists! Let’s grow YYC Hip-hop! 

Quotable Lyrics

“I’m so bad they consider me a flight risk, kitty got a tight grip, so I thought he might slip, turned on like a light switch”

“They could never hold me down, cause I got wings to fly”

“Got em bending over backwards, like were in the matrix”

“Always keep em on their toes, like their skipping”

“He said he want me every night but with no restrictions, everyday he got to fill me like my pussy his prescription”

Tinywiings isn’t playing, she’s got bars, here’s just a few for you. The flow too is too smooth and brings charisma! Go give the track a listen! This is street heat!

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