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Why Am I Starting A Blog About Calgary’s Hip-Hop Scene?

LiftedOnes “A Dying Breed” Release Show at Junction, Oct. 4th 2019

There are two parts to this answer which I will be answering in full in this blog post (my very first blog post!) First off introductions; My name is Polo Sho, I am a Rapper, Audio Engineer and Entrepreneur based in Calgary Alberta Canada aka Treaty 7. I have been active on the scene for the last three years. I have put out five free mixtapes, hosted multiple successful release shows in the city and I am the founder of Calgary Independent Hip-hop label LiftedOne Records. My debut studio album “Determination” will be out everywhere Nov. 30 2020. polosho.com 

Polo Sho performing at the LiftedOnes Pop-up Shop in Sunrise Records Chinook Mall on Dec. 21 2019

The first part of the answer as to why I am starting a blog about YYC’s Hip-hop scene is because I LOVE Hip-hop! Ever since I was 9 and I heard Eminem’s Encore album for the first time I caught the Hip-hop bug. It really is a way of life for me because it has influenced me majorly for the last 17 years! I’ve always known I love Hip-hop music and culture but recently with all my quarantine time I have a newfound appreciation for Hip-hop content online. Everything from podcasts to interviews to news articles about the culture. It really is an art form and a discipline in itself, a necessary one at that, because the Hip-hop content creators keep the conversation going making them an essential part of the cultures ecosystem. Some of the Hip-hop content creators I’ve been following are Dj Akademiks and The Joe budden Podcast. These guys aren’t making music but they are slowly building media empires and giving back to the culture as they do it. I really do love Hip-hop so much that I myself want to give back to the genre in more ways than just music. Me and my fellow label mate SOY have already begun doing that with our podcast “Just kicking it with Polo Sho & SOY” where we talk about everything happening in the world of Hip-hop weekly (https://liftedones.podbean.com/). But still I want to do more to contribute to the culture as a content creator so I decided why not try blogging.

CD of Eminem’s fifth studio album “Encore”

The second reason I am starting a blog about YYC’s Hip-hop scene is because I myself am a rapper that is active on the scene. As I mentioned earlier, Hip-hop content creators are an essential part of the cultures ecosystem. I feel like Calgary’s Hip-hop scene has grown so much as a scene since I hopped on 3 years ago, but there’s barely any documentation of this on the internet. Sure there’s the good folks at 10at10Calgary and all they do to build the culture in the city and there’s the likes of YYC Records but more is needed. I look at a scene like Toronto’s, a Canadian city that came to prominence in the Hip-hop world within the last 10 years and I see the role of the content creators. As a rapper on the scene I truly believe that for Calgary to reach the next level of exposure there needs to be more platforms like this in the city. Through social media and the city’s live venue shows (when shows where still a thing) I can see just how many artists there are in the city seriously pushing to break ground, myself included. I know in rap there’s kind of a lone wolf mentality but I think we as artists need to start lifting each other if we want to see the Calgary scene grow and flourish. So the second part to my answer as to why I am starting a blog about the YYC Hip-hop scene is simple; I feel there’s no one more qualified and doing this is going to benefit the city’s music scene which will in turn benefit my music career.

Promo video for 10 at 10, an event and media platform promoting Calgary’s urban community

My third and final reason (bonus lol) for starting a Hip-hop blog is because in the current climate, if you believe yourself to be a thought leader, then you owe it to your audience to build a platform so your ideas can be heard. In conclusion I am starting a blog about Calgary’s Hip-hop scene because it is what my heart wants me to do, it is what my scene needs me to do and it is what I want to do. So this blog will be a platform that strictly promotes Hip-hop music and culture from the city of Calgary. This will include music/ music video reposts, articles covering different events/ releases and more! I will also be posting one original blog post a week on this website. Please if you rock with this movement, please help share and like! Thanks for the read! -Polo Sho

Polo Sho, SOY, B. More, Mary Kate Aquino, New Saint, Ntwali & Dj’Hanz Myke after the Winter Waves Release Show Nov. 28 2019

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